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    The Brothers Apothecary - CBD Tea - Golden Dream

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      The Brothers Apothecary - CBD Tea - Golden Dream

      Golden Dream from The Brother’s Apothecary is a CBD Chamomile Tea that contains over 70mg of CBD. It is made with bedtime in mind.

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      Golden Dream Tea from The Brother's Apothecary is a CBD Chamomile Tea was formulated with bedtime in mind.

      Chamomile has been consumed as a natural remedy for centuries. An herbal tea, many people drink chamomile as a caffeine-free alternative to green and black tea. Its popularity dates back to the Egyptians and Ancient Romans who enjoyed the sweet flower’s tea for relaxation.

      This sweet, honey toned tea is also loaded with antioxidants, such as apigenin. This, and the whole class of antioxidants known as ‘flavones’, are useful for the body and are found in a variety of unique foods, including celery, parsley, and oregano.

      Hawthorn Berry has a long use in Western herbalism. It’s a member of the rose family, it is a shrub that is covered in sharp thorns. It is good to harvest them when they are fully ripe in the autumn right before the first frost. It has been used for jams, jellies, wines and made into candies. Hawthorn Berry can also be made into vinegar and syrups.

      Golden Dream also features Lindenleaf and Blackberry leaf, each hugely popular in folk medicine. Along with nutritional content, these herbs also promote rest, relaxation, and recharging the spirit.

      What does Golden Dream taste like?

      Golden Dream is one of our most popular flavors of tea. It’s easy to drink, with sweet, smooth, and well balanced tasting notes. It is our favorite tea for reason: this Chamomile tea not only tastes amazing, but it also works.

      Golden Dream begins with a delicate top note of floral honey. The middle note is bright and refreshing, with bright citrus from lemongrass and orange peel combining with a bright toned spearmint. Like each of our teas, the undertones are warm and nutty, with hints of hemp and coconut.

      Tasting Notes: Chamomile, Lemon Grass, Rose

      When should I drink Golden Dream?

      We suggest that you drink our this tasty CBD Chamomile tea approximately 30 minutes before bed. Frankly though, you can enjoy it whenever you want to relax and unwind from your day. It’s the perfect tea to add to your bedtime routine, and isn’t so strong that you can’t enjoy it throughout the day.

      Remember, each bag can be used up to 2-3 times (and be sure to press and massage the bag with a spoon for maximum benefit!)

      Each bag contains:

      • Est. 70MG Per Tea Bag (Full Spectrum). Batches vary.
      • Does not contain caffeine
      • 3 packs
      • Contains coconut milk (used as a lipid to increase CBD absorption)

      The Brothers Apothecary exclusively uses hemp that contains <0.3% THC and is licensed with the Department of Agriculture.

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      Hemp (Cannabis Sativa), Chamomile, Orange Peel, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Linden, Hawthorn Berry, Rose Petals, Blackberry Leaf, Coconut Milk Powder, Yucca Root, Acaia Fiber. 
      1. Bring 8-12oz fresh water to a boil
      2. Pour over bag. Good for 1-3 cups (or a kettle)
      3. Steep 3-5 minutes. Increase time as desired. 
      4. Enhance by adding fats & honey


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