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    Grön - CBD Face & Neck Cream

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      Grön - CBD Face & Neck Cream

      A message from the manufacturer: Grön CBD will be closing down and only be focusing on the THC division moving forward. Production will not resume and maybe in the future Grön CBD will re-launch. For now it is a wrap.


      All remaining stock will be available until sold out.

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      CBD Face & Neck Cream from Grön is a hydrating anti-aging face and neck cream formulated with full-spectrum hemp, vitamin C, vitamin E, and bioactive plant ingredients to firm and brighten where you need it most.

      What's in it?

      We’ve harnessed the powers of nature with bee propolis and royal jelly to restore proteins and enzymes that reverse the effects of time itself. Renew utilizes a potent formulation that pairs full-spectrum hemp extract with natural, hydrating ingredients to smooth wrinkles and brighten skin where you need it most. Hyaluronic acid and peptides work to retain moisture and plump the skin while glycolic acid, royal jelly, and bee propolis help your skin revitalize itself at the cellular level.

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