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    qiwi - CBG Pre-rolls

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      qiwi - CBG Pre-rolls

      As of 10/7/22, we are unable to reach anyone with the manufacturer to replenish our inventory and are completely out of stock. We do carry other pre-roll options that are nice alternatives.

      qiwi CBD pre-rolls contain 111mg of CBG to help increase focus, attention, and energy sure to help get you through the worst of days.

      Trust Mother Earth


      As of 10/7/22, we are unable to order this item from qiwi and are completely out of stock.

      qiwi CGB pre-rolls take the average cigarette and replace it with premium CBG flower. The added hollow filter and rice paper helps to enhance your smoking experience.

      What is CBG? CBG is essentially the stem cell cannabinoid that THC, CBD, CBC, CBN, and others all come from. It is like the more potent cousin to CBD, with additional benefits!

      Just like CBD, CBG has a number of properties that do not come paired with 'getting high'. Being non-psychoactive means that you get all the benefits without abandoning your clear-headed state.

      Furthermore, CBG may also block serotonin receptors.

      qiwi CBG pre-rolls are:

      • nicotine free
      • tobacco free
      • no additives


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      CBG Flower, Additive-free Rice Paper, Hollow Filter


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