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According to a 2014 study, 18.1% of the U.S. population self-reported suffering with a mental illness resulting in mild to severe impairment. To put this into perspective, that percentage equates to roughly 43.6 million people. Yes, million. These statistics are, of course, alarming and shine a light on an urgent need for mainstream discussions regarding mental health, treatment options, and equitable access to care.

With this being said, there’s a clear barrier in today’s society when considering wholistic (and holistic) approaches for remedying and resolving mental illness and emotional distress. While CURED Nutrition has made its mark in the realm of physical wellness and sports performance, mental health is yet another sphere the company intends to continue tapping into. The CURED cannabidiol products currently available for consumers – as well as those novel additions awaiting their upcoming release – have been designed to offer this world an open invitation into integrative and alternative medicine.

An earth-grown Trinity of ingredients, for an elevated you.

CURED Nutrition products have been designed with the intention to support all aspects of the daily human experience. Whether you’re looking for clean, natural energy, a relief for your everyday discomforts, or a reset button with a deep night’s sleep, we have the answers for you.


Functional mushrooms have an undeniable intelligence and history. These may not be magic mushrooms, but they do create a magical experience.


We know you love it, but let’s refine it. Say hello to the wide-ranging benefits of the cannabis plant with a full spectrum of extracts.


Simply stated, these powerful plants help your body find its natural center. A balanced system is just one adaptogen away.

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