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    Battling Anxiety... one day at a time

    Date: 2020-11-30

    Let’s take a moment to address the major thing we all have in common this year… yup you guessed it. Random bouts of crippling anxiety of what the future (or even the next day) would hold. We all know the feeling I’m talking about, your chest tightens and you can’t breath. If you didn’t know before, now you do. You just had an anxiety attack.   I can be the first to admit that I have been there, probably more often than I would like to share, however it is true. 20 years of my life I have suffered from some type of anxiety issue. I have gone to many doctors and they have all said the same thing to me, take this medication and you will be just fine. Even though they neglect to tell you that most of the medications they are handing out, are EXTREMELY addictive. A lot of Americans find this fact out to late. According to Johns Hopkins approximately 18% of people between 18 and 54 are diagnosed with anxiety disorder every year, this doesn’t include people who do not go to a doctor and get the official diagnosis. And if you take that 18% and then put them on an addictive medication? There is a chance that most people are walking around with an addiction now, which is a whole different topic. There are other ways that you can manage your anxiety using CBD.

    One way is with tinctures.

    This is a quick and easy way to take CBD. All you to is use the dropper that comes with it, which makes everything easier when it comes to how much you want to take, and put it under your tongue. In about 15 minutes it will be absorbed into the blood stream and it will (on average) last about 6 hours. An additional positive is that it can also be placed on spots of the body for targeted relief.

    Another option is with capsules and edibles.

    There are many options in this aspect, there are gummies, (who doesn’t like a gummy?), chocolate, honey, and so many more options. And the capsules come in all different forms of strength as well as for different needs, make sure that you check the label and ask as many questions as you need before you just take any type of medications. These can be used between doses of the tinctures if you feel you need additional comfort from your rising anxiety.  

    A third way of coping would be vaping and hemp flower.

    This is a fast-acting option to administer CBD, only issue is that is don’t have the lasting effect that other options offer you. It only takes a minute to get into your system (which is an almost immediate relief) however it only will last about an hour.

    We can not forget that our furry children also suffer from anxiety.

    There are ways for them to cope with it as well in the world of CBD. There are dog treats and tinctures they can take to help ease them from their own forms of anxiety. With any option you wish to partake in, be sure to have the correct dosage and ask your doctor/pharmacist/CBD Expert if there would be any interference with any medications you are currently taking. There are many factors that need to be considered before diving into new medications, no matter what they are. Always be sure to start dosage off low and slowly increase.