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    Getting Kids Ready to Go Back to School

    Date: 2021-07-28

    Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time for the kids to get ready to get back to school. That means lots of shopping, orientation, meeting teachers, and so many tasks that aren’t very fun. Whether your kiddo is returning to school, starting school for the first time, or coming back from remote-home learning, these tips will be sure to get them excited for the school year ahead. 

    Tips for Getting Kids Ready to Head Back to School


    Connect with friends and classmates that are returning to the same school. Connecting your child with their friends can help them get excited to go back to school. Knowing that their friends will be there can help ease them into the mindset that school will be starting soon. This way the kids know they are all in it together. Are you new to the area and don’t have many people to connect with? Contact a local community center or even the school to get connected with kids in the same age group that are going to the same schools. This can help your kiddo get over the awkward and nervous feeling of being new, and get them excited for new beginnings.

    Kid Friends Connecting

    Ease Back into the School Schedule

    Gradually get into the habit of getting up and going to bed at the times they would be for school. Have the kids set their own alarms to have them feel more in control and included. Get morning routines started, like waking up on time, brushing teeth, getting ready, and eating breakfast. Also include end-of-day routines like cleaning up, having dinner at a certain time if it will change, homework time, and going to bed earlier. Even though they may not have homework now, getting them into a routine of being busy at that time will help them ease into after school homework. Set up a homework station, and have them do activities there like coloring, getting everything together for back-to-school lists, reading, journaling, and more.

    Create a Homework Station

    Let your kids create their own homework station. A homework station can reinforce good study habits and get them used to doing homework at a certain time. Having a homework timer can help, so the kids know exactly when they need to start homework at the ring of a bell, in case it isn’t right when they walk into the door from school.

      Homework Station

    Get Back into the School Routine

    Visit school ahead of time and have your child find their classrooms to get their daily routine down. Take rides to the bus stop or the pickup point so they know exactly where they need to go after school. Another great idea is to bring your kiddo to back-to-school night where they can see old friends, meet their teachers, and get the lay of the land. 

    Focus on the Positive

    Focus on the positives of the upcoming year. Find out what your child likes most about school and focus on that when talking about getting ready for school. Do they love eating in the lunchroom with their friends? Maybe they enjoy walking to class with their friends, or even trying out for a new sport. Talk to them about their feelings about going back to school and really listen to them. Are they stressed? Nervous? Be supportive and listen intently, let them know that their jitters will most likely wear off quickly, and get them excited for the year ahead! This can be a time full of stress and nerves for so many kids, so trying to make this an exciting time can make all the difference. 

    Jump Start Their Brain Engine

    For the last days of summer, try activities with kids that make the brain work harder to get ready for the school year. Try out board games and online games to retrain the brain like Sudoku puzzles, Geo Challenge, Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, and more. Making brain training activities fun can get them more excited for school than they thought.

    Activities for Kids

    Activities to Get Them School Ready

    You may not be ready to watch your kiddo go off to school (or you may be MORE than ready). Spending those last days together doing fun activities can be fun for both you and your little.  Here are some fun activities to do together to get them ready for the school year.

    Back to School Coloring Page

    Back to School Coloring Page Download from Plant Therapy Campfire Coloring Page Download from Plant Therapy

     Work Hard Play Hard Coloring Page

    DIY Essential Oil Blends

    Make DIY Immune Blend to go into a diffuser, diffuser jewelry, or a roll on. These are fun activities to do together as a family, or one-on-one with your little.  Immunity Roll On Blend


    Immunity Diffuser Blend


    We have a much simpler route to immunity blends if you'd like to take that instead. One oil with multiple benefits is definitely a cost and time saver.

     immune aid synergy blend

     Immune Aid Synergy Blend is a blend made by Plant Therapy combines Frankincense, tea tree, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, and orange to help boost immune system function. Find this protective essential oil in stores or online.

    Organic Germ Fighter 

    Germ Fighter Synergy Blend is another blend by Plant Therapy that supports a healthy immune system and protects against seasonal threats. You can find this germ fighting blend in stores and online. There are some great back to school blends that you can make together as well that can boost the brain and lead to more motivation.

    Energizing Blend

    Stay energized and ready all day long.

     D.I.Y. Energizing Essential Oil Blend Recipe

    Homework Blend

    Increase focus during studying or homework time.

     D.I.Y. Homework Essential Oil Blend Recipe


      GreenAir Jax the Frog diffuser

    A diffuser would be a great item to put near their homework station to keep them focused and motivated. You can also find beautiful diffuser jewelry that your kids can wear at school, keeping them focused or calm while also being fashionable (every schoolkid’s goal). We have a gorgeous selection of diffuser jewelry available in all stores. We also have diffusers for kids that will go great on their homework station or in their bedroom. Shop for fun diffusers here.

    Are You Ready?

    Now that you have tips and tools to get your kiddo ready to head back, you can have more confidence that they will have a great school year. Between activities and connecting with old friends, they are sure to be excited for the year to come. What tips do you have to get your kids ready to head back to school?

     School Children  

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