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    Can CBD Help with Multiple Sclerosis?

    Date: 05-19-2022

    The benefits of CBD for Multiple Sclerosis are being explored by many patients who suffer from the condition. What exactly is Multiple Sclerosis? Mayo Clinic defines MS as a potentially disabling inflammatory disease of the central nervous system in which the immune system attacks the protective sheath of the brain. Signs and symptoms vary widely between patients, and there is no cure for the disease. Because of the wide variety of symptoms, MS symptoms may be very difficult for patients to manage. The burning question is, can CBD help decrease some of these symptoms? This article will discuss the possible benefits of CBD on multiple sclerosis, as well as the various methods of CBD.


    CBD has shown promising effects against inflammatory diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis. Cannabidiol affects the metabolic enzymes that regulate inflammation and decreases the number of blood leukocytes. It also increases the bioavailability of anti-epileptic drugs. When combined with traditional treatment, CBD can help reduce side effects and treatment costs. But the question remains, can CBD really help Multiple Sclerosis sufferers? Let's take a closer look.

    In addition to its potential benefit as a therapeutic agent for Multiple Sclerosis, CBD has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Studies of cannabinoid-based therapies for MS have demonstrated that combining CBD with THC may improve symptoms of spasticity and other related conditions. A review of these studies shows that patients treated with a combination of THC and CBD also experienced fewer adverse effects. CBD for Multiple Sclerosis can also be an option for a patient who cannot take medication.

    Research suggests that inhaling CBD may improve spasticity in people with Multiple Sclerosis. It is estimated that 80 percent of MS patients suffer from spasticity, and a substantial proportion are dissatisfied with the limited efficacy of classical antispasticity medications. 

    While the benefits of using CBD as a treatment for MS are still in its early stages, studies have shown that it can slow the progression of the disease. Patients with MS can also benefit from other medical treatments because CBD has therapeutic effects on the body. MS patients may experience pain, muscle soreness, exhaustion, spasticity, mobility problems, restlessness, and sleep disorders. The benefits of CBD are more profound than just a relief from the symptoms of the disease.

    CBD may help manage pain, reduce muscle spasticity, and combat fatigue. But if this is true, CBD may also help improve the mental health of people with MS. As with all forms of treatment, living with MS can be a heavy burden on the mind. Some people with MS experience depression, and many other symptoms associated with the disease.

    CBD Inhalation

    CBD inhalation can be achieved in a number of ways. Firstly, there is CBD or hemp flower which can be smoked, and there is also a CBD vape pen which can be taken anywhere and smoked at any time. Inhalation can be a great way to achieve the benefits of CBD almost instantly, providing quick relief. 

    Mother Earth Natural Health has a wonderful selection of CBD flower, as well as vape pens to help get relief as quickly as possible. 

    CBD Oil

    While the benefits of using CBD as a treatment for MS are still in its early stages, studies have shown that it can slow the progression of the disease. Patients with MS can also benefit from other medical treatments because CBD has therapeutic effects on the body. 

    The benefits of CBD oil for MS are well-known, but it is important to take the right dosage to manage symptoms. Patients may need to re-titrate their CBD oil dosage if they experience changes in their condition or if they experience adverse reactions. It's recommended to talk to a healthcare professional or The CBD Experts to get the correct dosage.

    CBD oil is taken sublingually and held under the tongue for 30-90 seconds so it can get to the bloodstream quicker than digestion. CBD oil is a great option for patients that don’t want to take more medication, smoke or eat a CBD edible. Mother Earth Natural Health has a wonderful variety of CBD oils that can be taken sublingually. These oils are available online and in-store, where The CBD Experts can give you the proper dosing suggestion.

    CBD Topicals

    Topical CBD products are a way to apply cannabinoids directly to painful areas. For patients with multiple sclerosis, pain in the muscles, nerves, and joints may be particularly severe. Topical CBD helps to control pain by applying it to the targeted pain area. 

    CBD topicals come in various forms, including lotions, balms, ointments, and even bath bombs. They also come in different strengths, making it easier to get a higher dosage for pain relief. 

    Mother Earth Natural Health has a wide variety of CBD topicals to help with targeted pain relief in patients suffering from MS. The CBD Experts can help patients find the right CBD topical to use for pain relief. 


    Although the evidence for CBD for MS is still limited, CBD is federally legal in all US states. Animal studies have shown that CBD inhibits the inflammatory response in MS patients, limiting T lymphocyte infiltration into the brain and the circulation of pro-inflammatory molecules. Some studies even suggest that CBD can prevent or reverse the symptoms of MS in certain people. These studies are ongoing. CBD is not currently available in any pharmaceutical form for treating MS. However, it is available in a variety of forms, including hemp oil, tincture, and capsules. The CBD Experts at Mother Earth Natural Health can help you find the best delivery method for your relief.

    CBD and Multiple Sclerosis

    Although there is no established clinical trial, CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve neurologic function in animal models. Further, studies suggest that CBD may be useful for treating the inflammatory response that leads to symptoms of MS. 

    A common misconception about CBD is that it is psychoactive. But this is far from the truth. This non-psychoactive compound has numerous medicinal benefits. Its effects on multiple sclerosis are complex and vary according to the location of the attacks and the extent of damage to the myelin sheath. In general, patients with MS experience muscle weakness, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction. But unlike other psychoactive substances, CBD does not produce the high that marijuana does. CBD also shows to be an effective symptom suppressant for MS and should be considered as a treatment option.

    In the following section, we will talk about the best products to help with Multiple Sclerosis at Mother Earth Natural Health. Jessica, one of our team members, suffers from MS and these are her top picks. Multiple Sclerosis can be different for everyone. It’s important to speak with your healthcare professional if you plan on taking CBD to help with MS to ensure there are no drug interactions with what you may be currently taking. 

    Top Picks for MS Support

    Pain Relief

    Charlotte's Web 60mg Oil Tincture - Charlotte's Web was specifically formulated for someone with a neurological condition. I love this brand, and this oil is a great choice for anyone suffering from nerve pain or a neurological condition. 

    Huron Hemp Hand & Body Cream 1500mg - Huron Hemp topicals are my go-to for pain relief. This cream has the consistency of a lotion, rather than an ointment that takes forever to dry and can seem greasy. There is also no smell or menthol in this cream, making it a perfect choice for dry skin, too. 

    CBD Living Bath Bombs - These bath boms are a great way to level up your bath game, while also helping you feel relaxed and pain-free. Each bath bomb contains 100mg of CBD, and they come in four different incredible scents. 

    Huron Hemp Bubba Kush Flower - The terpene profile and indica-dominant CBD in this strain is wonderful for quick relief when you need it most. 

    Immunity Support

    The Brother's Apothecary Immunity Support - These capsules contain turmeric curcumin and black pepper to make it more bioavailable, as well as CBD for anti-inflammatory effects. 

    Turmeric Curcumin Gold - Turmeric is an excellent supplement for lowering inflammation, which can be prevalent in those with MS. Not only is it great for reducing inflammation, but it is an excellent supplement for keeping your immune system healthy.

    Vitamin C Gold

    Vitamin D3 Gold - Vitamin D3 is always a great supplement for improving the immune system and keeping it strong and healthy. Whether you have MS, another condition, or are just interested in daily wellness and immune support, Vitamin D3 Gold is for you.

    Zinc Gold - Zinc is another supplement that is very important in keeping the immune system strong and healthy. It is necessary for the activity of over 300 enzymes that aid in metabolism, digestion, nerve function and many other processes.

    Charlotte's Web Immunity Gummies - These gummies taste fantistic with a lemon berry flavor, and are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Astragalus to help improve daily immunity. Plus they have full spectrum hemp to give you even more relief.

    Neurological Support

    The Brothers Apothecary Supreme Vitality - These capsules contain 10 different functional mushrooms that help with brain function, neurological support, and immune function. Plus they contain CBD for that extra boost of health and relief.


    The Brother's Apothecary Mental Clarity - These capsules combine antioxidant-rich Gingko Leaf with the adaptogenic trio of Ashwaghanda, Shatavari and Rhodiola. While every batch aids in supporting health, it also helps with sustaining energy for both body and mind.

    Cured Nutrition Capsules 

    -Rise - The Rise capsules combine 10mg of Broad Spectrum CBD with a blend of mushrooms to help boost your energy and cognitive functions.

    -Aura - The Aura capsules are formulated with 25mg Broad Spectrum CBD, Turkey Tail mushrooms, and Chaga mushrooms to improve gut health.

    -Zen - The Zen capsules combine 20mg of Broad Spectrum CBD with Reishi mushrooms to help you fall asleep and stay asleep when your condition is too much to bear.

    Everyday MS Support

    Astaxanthin Gold - Astaxanthin is one of the strongest antioxidants in the world. It helps to support energy, endurance, and eye, joint, skin, immune and heart health.

    B-Complex Gold - The B-Complex is a synergistic combination of all the essential B vitamins. It helps to support cellular energy, cardiovascular and cognitive functions, and healthy hair, skin, and nails.

    Ginkgo Biloba Gold - This supplement has antioxidants that may help neutralize free radicals and support health brain function, healthy circulation and aging. It helps to support cognitive functions, emotional wellness, and heart, eye, and circulatory health. 

    St. John's Wort Gold - St. John's Wort helps to support mental health and emotional wellness. It supports positive mood, calmness, relaxation, and overall emotional wellness. This supplement can be very helpful when your condition takes a toll on your emotional wellness.

    Triple Strength Fish Oil Omega-3 Gold - Triple Strength Fish Oil Omega-3 helps support cardiovascular, joint health, brain functiion, and normal growth and development.

    Huron Hemp Sour Space Candy Flower - The terpene profile in this flower can help with everyday MS support, while giving you immediate relief from your ailments.

    Charlotte's Web Daily Wellness Gummies - These delicious gummies have 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD to help increase daily wellness. They are intended for use as your daily CBD routine.

    The CBD Experts at Mother Earth Natural Health

    The CBD Experts at any Mother Earth Natural Health store can help you find the relief you need today. They are trained in many different conditions and can help answer any questions about CBD, or other items that we carry that may benefit you and your condition. Stop by or give us a call to have all your questions answered and start feeling relief today!