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    The Brothers Apothecary - Wildflower CBD Honey

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      The Brothers Apothecary - Wildflower CBD Honey

      Brothers Apothecary Wildflower CBD Honey mixes 250mg of CBD with organic wildflower honey, making it the perfect addition to any tea.

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      Brothers Apothecary Wildflower CBD Honey is the perfect match of Oregon-grown hemp and organic wildflower honey in a 100% biodegradable package.

      Product Details:

      • 250mg of CBD per jar
      • Made with Organic Wildflower Honey
      • 100% Biodegradable Packaging
      • Also available in Wild Rosin CBD Honey

      What are the benefits of Organic Wildflower CBD Honey?

      Wildflower Honey, or poly floral honey, which means the nectar is from multiple sources and species of flowers and blossoms.  The main difference between clover honey (regular honey) and wildflower honey comes down to the taste and the processing method. Clover honey it a little more common than wildflowers, and often much lighter in color.

      Wildflower honey often has light floral undertones. It will also have a flavor that reflects the specific part of the world and time of year. This means that wildflower honey tastes different regionally!

      Not only does Wildflower Honey differ in flavor regionally, but it will also differ in color. They have an almost infinite shade and flavor range depending on where the nectar is sourced from. Every year of a honey harvest will taste different, so you’ll never have the same taste two seasons in a row.

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