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    MedCBDX - CBD Mints - 5mg per mint

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      Purchase MedCBDX - CBD Mints - 5mg per mint

      MedCBDX - CBD Mints - 5mg per mint

      MedCBDX CBD Mints have 5mg CBD per mint and 16 mints per container. 
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      MedCBDX CBD Mints are infused with hemp-extract CBD and have a great peppermint taste. These mints are what we call a "booster," or an addition to a daily tincture or capsule.  Boosters avoid the digestive system, getting to work in minutes rather than hours.

      The mints are intended to be absorbed through the cheek cavity instead of the digestive system.  This allows them to get to work so quickly. The trade-off is that they won't last as long in our systems as that more traditional liquid or capsule supplement. These MedCBDX mints will dissolve in your mouth just like a standard breath mint, releasing 5mg of CBD from extracted hemp oil into your system.

      They are a great booster for people who are looking for a fast-acting product but prefer to avoid CBD flower, vape, gum, or liquid additives. Anything that dissolves in your mouth will have increased bioavailability.  Bioavailability just means the amount of the compound that is able to be used by your body.

      The absorption through your cheek, or buccal cavity, is able to avoid loss through digestion, allowing it to get to work quickly and easily. The goal at MedCBDX is to provide people with a safe and effective alternative to traditional oral CBD products.  They offer innovative mints and gum that offer a quick assist from your backpack or pocket.

      Why Choose MedCBDX CBD Mints?

      Convenient and discreet Highly Bioavailable - meaning your system can break it down quickly and easily Fast-acting absorption Gluten-free Vegan 0 THC Easy carry package for your purse, backpack, briefcase, or pocket!

      How to use MedCBX CBD Mints:

      The suggested serving is 1-2 mints. Each mint is 5mg of CBD. Let the mints dissolve in your mouth. This product is intended to be used as a supplementary boost to a more traditional daily CBD product, like a tincture, capsule, or gummy.  While you may see some benefits from the mint alone, a traditional product that is digested will have more "staying power" in your system, providing longer-lasting benefits.

      Did you know that MedCBDx also makes a gum with 10mg of CBD and 0 THC? Looking for a different fast-acting product? We have plenty to choose from!

      • Ingredients: Hemp-Extract CBD Cannabidiol, Sorbitol, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Vegetarian Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Stevia Extract CBD
      • Size: 16 Pack
      • Strength:  80 mg CBD pack/ 5mg per mint
      • Scent: Mint Flavor
      • Class: Isolate CBD, 0 THC


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