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    CBD Clinic™ Clinical Strength: Level 5 Pro-Sport – Pain Relief Ointment - 1.55oz

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      Purchase CBD Clinic™ Clinical Strength: Level 5 Pro-Sport – Pain Relief Ointment - 1.55oz

      CBD Clinic™ Clinical Strength: Level 5 Pro-Sport – Pain Relief Ointment - 1.55oz

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      Fast shipping! CBD CLINIC Level 5 features 400mg CBD, 16% Menthol, 11% Camphor, plus essential oils for maximum relief. 

      • *Ointment Base
      • *400mg CBD per 1.55 ounce (44 gram) jar
      • *CBD CLINIC™ Level 5 Active Ingredients: 16% Menthol, 11% Camphor
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      CBD CLINIC™ formulas follow the highest industry standards. They are the first professional series that is authorized to combine over the counter pharmaceuticals and CBD.

      CBD CLINIC™ creates products designed to help promote pain relief. Level 5 Clinical Strength Pain Relief Ointment is the strongest level of relief as it is designed to target severe pain. It's time you make this pain relief ointment your post workout solution. This pre and post workout topical has the potential to help keep those pesky aches and pains away.

      CBD CLINIC™ created a line of topical analgesics, aka pain relievers, by combining Menthol, Camphor, and CBD hemp oil. CBD CLINIC™ designed their topicals to penetrate deeply into the skin with the intention to help aid in pain relief, specifically muscular and joint pain.

      CBD CLINIC™ Level 5 - Pro Sport™ Pain Relief Ointment delivers two ingredients, Menthol and Camphor, in a highly potent concentration.

      CBD CLINIC™ Level 5 is available in 44g and 200g size jars, and a Pain Relief Stick.
      • Ointment base
      • 400mg CBD per 44g jar
      • Active ingredients: 16% Menthol, 11% Camphor

      For best results, apply up to 4x daily, and use before and after strenuous activities. CBD CLINIC's™ Clinical Strength line is designed to promote muscle and pain relief.

      How it works:
      The formulas are created to release the cooling action of Menthol and Camphor terpenes alongside additional plant extracts to enhance the cooling effect. These exclusive CBD products have natural emollients to lock in the active ingredients.

      Level 5 Pro Sport™ Pain Relief Ointment works to help restore range of motion and mobility for athletic exercise. It is ideal for joint, nerve, lower back, knee, neck, and shoulder pain. It can be utilized to help provide relief when joints and muscles become painful.

      You can use these products with a clean conscience. In fact, the entire range of CBD CLINIC™ products is either vegetarian or vegan. All of the pain relief products are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

      CBD CLINIC™ manufactures their products in federally audited facilities. With each batch being tested by third party labs for safety, accuracy, and consistency.

      Need help selecting the right CBD CLINIC™ product? We have our very own massage therapist on staff at Mother Earth that is available for a consultation for this product line, or check out our reviews!

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      Active Ingredients: Camphor 11% / Menthol 16%
      Inactive Ingredients: beeswax, hemp extract, clove oil, cottonseed oil, eucalyptus oil, jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil, sorbic acid, tea tree oil


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      5/5 Stars out of 23 Reviews
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      Verified Buyer
      Cluster Headaches
      Myron | October 16th, 2019
      My chiropractor tested this on my cluster headache and it went away for 8 hours!
      Verified Buyer
      Cathy | November 20th, 2019
      Hi I have SLE and a lot of other diseases that go with it. I've gotten to the point where nerve injections and ablations are needed. They take care of nerve pain. Two of my Doctors recommended CBD oil and ointment. I have gotten great relief with both. The oint. even works better than my compound oint. where as the oil compliments my oral meds. Anything that keeps my off of the nasty pain meds is fine by me. Both my products have to do with Charlotte's Web.
      Verified Buyer
      Arthritis Relief!
      Betty | August 7th, 2021
      This has been excellent toward relief from arthritis.
      Review CBD Clinic™ Clinical Strength: Level 5 Pro-Sport – Pain Relief Ointment - 1.55oz

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