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    Where Can I Buy CBD Edibles in 2022?

    Date: 06-07-2022

    CBD, or cannabidiol, is taking over the nation. People you know are taking it, it’s all over social media, and it’s even sold at the gas station down the street. It has been seen on Shark Tank, Amazon, and many different sources on television, the internet, and more. But, is it safe to purchase from just anywhere? Now that it is the year 2022 and so many people are catching onto CBD and all of its benefits, it is so easy to find CBD in so many different places. In this article, we will talk about the different places that sell CBD edibles, what to look for in CBD edibles, and the best places to buy CBD edibles in 2022.

    Places That Sell CBD Edibles

    As mentioned above, there are so many different places that sell CBD edibles now that it is 2022 and CBD has taken the nation. CBD edibles can be found almost anywhere that you turn your head. There are random stores that sell CBD, such as paint stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. You can even find CBD edibles on the internet and on television, but watch out for the lack of information, education, and testing. Places like Amazon carry “CBD” products, however, they are not legally allowed to sell CBD, so what you are getting is just hemp product without any CBD in it. When purchasing from stores like gas stations and convenience stores, it is difficult to find staff that is knowledgeable about how much CBD to take, its benefits of it, and whether it is coming from a reputable brand that is third-party lab tested. 

    There are also MLMs, or Multi-Level Marketers, that sell CBD products. This is where you can only purchase the CBD from a person, as opposed to online or in a store, and the prices tend to be much higher because the person selling the product makes a commission. Plus, they can try to rope you into selling, too. While the person selling the product is usually educated in CBD and its benefits, getting involved with an MLM can be expensive and add pressure to your purchasing decisions. 

    Like we said before, it is easy to find CBD anywhere, but it isn’t always safe to buy it. Instead of buying your CBD from a random store or MLM, we suggest going to a store that is dedicated to CBD, such as Mother Earth Natural Health. Stores like these tend to have products that are all third-party lab tested, and employees that are educated in CBD. 

    What to Look for in CBD Edibles

    While CBD edibles can be found anywhere in 2022, it is important to find high-quality CBD edibles that you can trust. Finding CBD edibles that have been third-party lab tested is very important to ensure the potency of the edibles you are consuming. Consider the sourcing of both the CBD edible and the hemp itself. Where is the CBD coming from, and is it treated with pesticides and other harsh chemicals? Read more about How to Choose CBD Edibles in our blog post here

    Best Places to Buy CBD Edibles in 2022

    It’s 2022, and CBD is everywhere. As mentioned above, it isn’t always safe to purchase CBD products from any store that sells them. But where exactly can you find these stores that are dedicated to CBD? A quick search on the internet can help you find a good and reliable CBD store. Make sure to look for places that have staff that is trained and educated in CBD and all of its benefits. Another important thing to look for is that the products have been third-party lab tested and verified for results, potency, taste, and effectiveness. At Mother Earth Natural Health, The CBD Experts™ are trained diligently and have ongoing education about all things CBD and the products that we sell. You can Trust Mother Earth, as all the products sold at our stores have been third-party lab tested, have CBD sourced from the United States, and are tested by our dedicated team before reaching the sales floor. Less than 5% of the products we test and sample even make it to the sales floor. Click here to read more about our Trust Mother Earth Program. Shop with The CBD Experts™ in-store at any of our four locations, online, or speak with The CBD Experts™ on the phone to answer all your questions. 

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