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    CBD Edibles

    Date: 05-22-2022

    What exactly are CBD edibles, and how do you make sure you choose the right ones? CBD edibles, according to Leafly, are simply an ingestible form of CBD that requires no fire to activate its chemical compounds. CBD edibles are convenient, easy to take on the go, and can be a very tasty way to consume your CBD. As CBD is legal in all 50 United States, it makes it so easy to take these edibles with you on vacation, a road trip, or even to your family’s house on the holidays when you need some extra relief. 

    Regulated and licensed CBD edibles, just like any CBD product, only contain 0.3% THC at most, which is not enough to get you high. Many CBD edibles contain CBD isolate, which is only pure CBD. Others can be Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum, which can contain that small amount of legal THC that will give you more relief and more benefits, per the Entourage Effect. In an article by Healthline, the Entourage Effect happens when all the compounds in cannabis work together, and when taken together, can produce a better effect than when taken alone. 

    What is the difference between CBD edibles and other CBD products? Other than taste, CBD edibles are absorbed differently in the body. CBD oil is less tasty than most edibles, and is taken sublingually and directly absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD smokeables can produce immediate relief, as inhalation is the fastest rate of absorption. CBD topicals are applied directly to the skin for targeted pain relief, but you can’t eat them! CBD edibles, as well as CBD capsules, are taken by mouth and are absorbed through the digestive tract, sometimes making effects take longer to attain. It may take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to feel the effects of CBD edibles, and they can last up to 5-6 hours, according to CFAH. The effects of the CBD edibles can depend on your metabolism and what you have eaten that day, so you may not experience the same effects as you have before. 

    CBD edibles can be so incredibly tasty, and luckily they are easy to find. The real questions are where to find good, high quality CBD edibles, and how to choose the right ones. We will also briefly go over how to make CBD edibles in case you want to try to make them yourself. 

    How to Choose CBD Edibles

    Choosing the right CBD edibles can be daunting. What if you don’t like the taste? What if you don’t get the desired effects? Or, alternatively, what if you get…stoned? There are so many questions that surround finding the right product for you. Luckily, The CBD Experts™ at Mother Earth Natural Health can help you choose the right CBD edibles. If you are shopping online or still deciding, here are some things to think about: Are they 3rd party lab tested? Where are they sourced from? Are they verified for results and consistency? Other things you may want to think about are potency, types of cannabinoids, and ingredients used.

    Mother Earth Natural Health has very strict standards when it comes to the products we carry in our stores. All of our products are 3rd party lab tested, sourced ethically and produced in the United States, and are tested by our team for consistent potency, taste, and effectiveness. In fact, only 5% of the products that we sample even make it to the sales floor. If you would like to learn more about how you can Trust Mother Earth, click here. We also ensure that we carry products with high quality ingredients, which are clearly labeled on all products. It’s so easy to find CBD edibles online and at many different stores now. While they may be easy to find, it's important to choose those that come from a good source and that have been tested. To learn more about how to choose a CBD edible, read our blog post.

    What are the types of CBD Edibles?

    CBD edibles come in so many different forms, making it perfect for anyone with any taste preferences. The edibles can be a great option for those that don’t like the hempy taste of the oil tinctures, or who don’t like smoking. CBD edibles are also a great option for self-care, when you want that piece of healthy dark chocolate or a cup of tea. Mother Earth Natural Health carries CBD edibles that include gummies, chocolate, gum, honey, taffy, candies, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, sparkling water and plain water. We also carry seasonal items like delicious vegan peanut butter cups and more. We also take into account food allergies. You will find an array of CBD treats available for many different food sensitivities and allergies including vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, and more. To learn more about the different types of CBD edibles, check out our blog post here.

    If you don’t find the CBD edibles you want, you can try your hand at making your own.

    How to make CBD Edibles

    There are a few different ways to make CBD edibles at home. Making CBD edibles on your own can allow you to attain your own potency and flavors. A lot of times you can only find sweet edibles, but when making them at home you can make anything you wish, sweet or savory. You can use hemp flower, CBD isolate powder, and CBD oil to make CBD edibles

    When using hemp flower to make edibles, you first need to extract the CBD from the flower into a high quality fat, like coconut oil or butter. Because you end up with a fat ingredient, you can use this in a recipe that calls for butter or oil. Another important step is to decarboxylate your hemp, which is the process in converting CBDa to CBD, making sure our edibles have an effect. Some people grind up their hemp very finely and add it directly to their edibles when cooking them. Find our different strains of Huron Hemp Flower here.

    CBD isolate powder is a much easier way to make edibles than making your own CBD oil. It is really to add to whatever you want and cook it right in. Brownies, cornbread, soup, sauce, you name it. We carry Huron Hemp CBD Isolate Powder for your CBD edible needs, and a little goes a long way.

    CBD oil tinctures are another way to make CBD edibles. As opposed to making your own CBD oil, you can use a CBD oil tincture to make edibles by adding the oil to your recipes. Take care of the smoke point of the oil, as heat can lose its effectiveness. We recommend using CBD oil tinctures for no-bake goods like smoothies, no-bake energy bites or cookies, whipped cream, and even adding it to already-prepared foods.

    Mother Earth Natural Health CBD Edibles

    While you can make your own CBD edibles at home, it can come with a lot of risks. The edibles you made haven’t been tested for potency, and may be too strong or not strong enough. We aren’t trying to say you aren’t a good cook, but there is a chance that the edibles may not be as tasty as you’d hoped. You may end up wasting your hemp flower or CBD oil if they don’t work out right. Experimenting can be fun, but Mother Earth Natural Health always has tested and tasty CBD edibles available at your fingertips, and online, in case you don't want to make them at home.