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    How Do CBD Topicals Work?

    Date: 06-12-2022

    As we have been learning, CBD has numerous health benefits, including alleviating pain, stress, and anxiety. It is especially effective in easing muscle and joint pain, especially when using CBD topicals. CBD topicals are products that are infused with CBD that you put on your skin, such as lotions, creams, ointments, and more. The active ingredient in CBD topicals binds to skin, nerve, and muscle cell receptors, and this interaction mutes pain signals, relieving the symptoms of inflammation and chronic pain. CBD topicals can also help relieve skin conditions and inflammation. But how exactly do CBD topicals work?


    CBD Topicals Working Structure

    CBD topicals work by being absorbed through the skin's pores once it is applied to the skin. This allows the CBD to interact with the body's cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptors in the skin communicate with cannabinoid compounds in the body, which regulate many bodily functions. Topicals containing CBD interacts with these receptors, affecting the nervous, gastrointestinal, and immune systems.

    CBD topicals work by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in the body. These receptors allow CBD to reduce inflammation and pain, and CBD can reach these receptors in just minutes when applied to the skin. In contrast, CBD ingested orally needs to work its way through the bloodstream before the effects are felt, and CBD applied topically is effective in pain relief. CBD topicals are also much faster acting. CBD topicals work by allowing you to apply a concentrated dose of cannabis extract to the skin.

    Unlike cannabis tinctures and edibles, CBD topicals have no side effects and are ideal for treating inflammation, pain, and discomfort. Moreover, most topicals are packed with hydrating ingredients, essential oils, and moisturizers to improve their results further. CBD topicals are an effective option for all kinds of skin problems, including acne and rashes.

    Benefits of CBD Topicals

    We know that CBD has many different benefits, so let’s talk about what CBD topicals are used for. Topicals are ideal for illnesses that cause inflammation, swelling, or an immunological reaction. The skin has a higher concentration of CB2 receptors, making them prime areas for CBD topical application. CBD can also alleviate rashes, joint pain, and muscle pain. CBD does not have a psychoactive effect but must be used properly for optimal benefits. As with any medicine, there are different dosages for different conditions. 

    CBD topicals are fast-acting and can be applied directly to the area of discomfort. The bioavailability of CBD in topicals is very low, so it does not have to travel throughout the body before reaching the bloodstream. Hence, CBD topicals can work faster and more efficiently in the targeted area. Other CBD topicals for pain can help relieve pain by improving circulation. Topical CBD is anti-inflammatory, making it ideal for relieving muscle pain. These products are usually infused with the active ingredient hemp, which contains oleic and linoleic acid. Both of these compounds lock in moisture and nourish the skin. When applied regularly, a CBD topical moisturizer can improve skin hydration and give your skin a much-needed wellness boost. Is applying CBD topicals different from applying regular lotions?

    How to Apply CBD Topicals

     Applying CBD topicals is easy, and applying it to your skin is as easy as applying lotion or oil. To determine how much CBD to apply, check the concentration of CBD in the topical solution. This information is usually provided on the cream cap, packaging, or manufacturer's website. Lower concentrations of CBD will have less effectiveness for pain but are great for skin conditions. So, choose a topical with a higher concentration of CBD if you would like to target pain relief. Some products do not contain any essential oils, but it is easy to add them in if you’d like the extra benefits. Apply the topicals to the skin twice per day, or up to four on the targeted area of pain.

    CBD topicals are easy to make, and you can make your own CBD cream by mixing CBD oil with essential oils or lotions. Depending on your skin type, you can make a thick or thinner lotion, and the consistency will differ from lotion, so choose a product that matches your skin's needs. You can also try CBD salves if you're experiencing a cut or rash, and CBD salves can help you relieve pain and inflammation.

    CBD patches for the skin are also a great option. Transdermal patches require washing and shaving the area where you will apply CBD. Since the CBD will not enter the bloodstream, it will work better to address minor muscle and joint pain, revitalize the skin in a distressed area, or relieve anxiety. CBD topical application effectively prevents the immune system's resistance to CBD, and it can penetrate through the skin and reach the receptors on the brain, nerves, and muscle tissue.

    Where to Find CBD Topicals

    As with any CBD product, CBD topicals can be found easily. It is important to find a CBD topical or product that has been third-party lab tested, has been sourced from the United States, has been produced by a reputable manufacturer, and comes from a company that can be trusted. At Mother Earth Natural Health, you will find a wide variety of CBD topicals to help with many different ailments, and they will aid in self-care. You can Trust Mother Earth and all of its products as they are third-party lab tested, have been sourced from the United States, and have been tested for potency and effectiveness. Shop CBD Topicals online and in-store with

    The CBD Experts™.

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