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    What is CBD?

    Date: 05-24-2022

    CBD has been all the rage lately, but what exactly is it? Why are people using it, and what’s with all the hype? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid with so many uses that have become so popular recently. As CBD comes in so many different delivery methods, people have been using it in so many different ways for relief from things like pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression, brain fog, and more. In this article, we will talk about what CBD is, how people are using it for relief, and where to find it.

    What Exactly Is CBD?

    CBD is short for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid that is found in marijuana, or the hemp plant. In an article by Mayo Clinic, they describe CBD as a chemical found in marijuana. Cannabinoids are a group of plant chemicals, or plant substances, that are found in the cannabis plant. According to the NIH, there are over 100 cannabinoids that have been found, but other research suggests that there are closer to 124 cannabinoids in existence so far. Cannabinoids have many different uses and benefits, and cannabidiol, or CBD is just one of those cannabinoids. CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in the marijuana plant, next to THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, says an article from Harvard Health. Unlike THC, CBD does not come with psychoactive effects, or a head high.

    CBD can be found in many different delivery methods, such as sublingual oils, edibles, flower and vapes, topicals, and even capsules. The different delivery methods make it easy for anyone to take or enjoy for relief. There is an option for everyone and that makes it easy to become part of your everyday routine. 

    Using CBD for Relief

    If you are wondering why someone might adopt this as part of their everyday routine, that’s because it can have a wealth of benefits. CBD has been used effectively for seizures and epilepsy and has also been used for other neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. It has been used to help with relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, and other extremely painful conditions. Many people use it for relief from mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, and so many other mental health illnesses that plague our population. Other benefits of this cannabinoid include helping with sleep issues, brain fog, focus, and attention, and helps with so many more conditions. 

    Many people use CBD to find relief from different conditions, as well as for self-care and mental health. As there are so many different ways to use CBD, it can be a great use for self-care. Things like CBD bath bombs, dark chocolate infused with CBD, a hot cup of CBD tea or other beverage, and even a personal aromatherapy pen with CBD are ways that people use CBD for self-care. As CBD can produce calming and relaxing effects, it can be the perfect tool to use for self-care. Whether you are a parent and need “me time”, are stressed from work, or are tired from daily life, self-care and CBD may help and may be things you want to consider. 

    In addition to health conditions and self-care, CBD has also been used in skincare. According to Medical News Today, due to its potential anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may be useful for treating many skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. You can find CBD in many different skincare products lately and for good reason. As stated in a Healthline article by an esthetician, “CBD is an incredibly effective ingredient in skincare due to its being a powerful antioxidant and providing anti-inflammatory benefits.” According to a 2014 study, CBD may have an anti-inflammatory effect on sebocytes, which are the skin cells that produce sebum. This indicates that CBD can help regulate oil production and help calm acne. Other research suggests that CBD can also help with dry and dehydrated skin. 

    CBD can be a perfect tool for finding relief from a number of different conditions, as well as used in self-care and skincare. As CBD is on the rise, it can be found almost anywhere for purchase. Your local nutrition store, the gas station down the street, and even online merchants sell CBD now. But is that the best place to find it? Let's find out.

    Where to Find CBD

    As mentioned above, there are so many different places to find CBD now. While you can find CBD almost anywhere, it’s important to choose high-quality CBD that comes from a good source, and that is third-party lab tested. In order to find CBD that meets these standards, shop with a licensed CBD retailer such as Mother Earth Natural Health. 

    Mother Earth Natural Health has helped over 35,000 people get started on their CBD journey. We have helped people find relief from conditions from Autism to tinnitus and everything in between. There are many different reasons to Trust Mother Earth and the products that we carry. Not only have all of our products been third-party lab tested, but they have also been ethically sourced in the United States. All products have also been tested by our team before they ever reach our shelves to ensure quality. We also test our products for consistent potency, taste, and effectiveness. All customer feedback is taken seriously, and if a product does not meet customer expectations from a quality standpoint, it will go through all previous verifications again. 

    At Mother Earth Natural Health, we carry many different forms of CBD. CBD flower and vaping products are available both in-store and online. We have many different types of CBD topicals for pain relief and for skin conditions. CBD oil is our biggest item, and we carry many different brands and flavors. If you are interested in CBD edibles, we have some for every taste including sweet treats and beverages. We also carry many different types of CBD capsules. With over 375 products available, it will be easy to find relief and self-care for your needs. Shop online here!

    We also have The CBD Experts™ on staff, which have been rigorously trained in all things CBD, and have ongoing education on all of our products, health conditions, and CBD. Each one of our stores that you visit in Michigan will have one of The CBD Experts™ available to answer all of your questions, and help you find the perfect products to help you find relief. If you aren’t able to stop into a store to shop with us, give us a call where The CBD Experts™ in the office can help! We can’t wait to help you find relief.

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