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    Types of CBD Edibles

    Date: 05-22-2022

    Have you ever tried CBD edibles before? There are so many different types of edibles at our fingertips now, and you can find them available in so many places. From baked goods to tea infused with CBD, there is relief in almost any form of food you desire. In this article we will talk about CBD edibles made with pure, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD, as well as the different types of CBD edibles you can find on the market. 

    Pure CBD, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum

    With so many different edibles on the market, you are sure to find some at different potencies and strengths. CBD edibles are made with different types of CBD, including CBD isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum. CBD isolate is pure CBD, and contains no other cannabis plant compounds. CBD isolate, or pure CBD, will give you great benefits like pain relief and more. 

    Broad spectrum CBD has more cannabis plant compounds than CBD isolate, and still contains zero amounts of THC. The additional cannabis plant compounds provide more therapeutic relief than just CBD alone. The Entourage Effect can be attained by using Broad Spectrum CBD because of the additional cannabis compounds.

    Full spectrum CBD is the most therapeutic form of CBD and contains multiple cannabis plant extracts, and can even contain up to 0.3% THC. Full spectrum CBD also contains essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. The Entourage Effect is much stronger with full spectrum CBD than with broad spectrum. Some health benefits that come from full spectrum hemp include pain relief, anxiety relief, anti-inflammation, and more. It is important to note that full spectrum CBD will show up on a drug test, as it does contain trace amounts of THC.

    Types of Edibles

    Now that we know the different types of CBD used in edibles, we can talk about the different types of edibles you can find. CBD edibles come in almost any form that you can think of. You can find all these delicious treats infused with CBD such as gummies, candies, chocolate, pastries and baked goods, teas, waters and sparkling waters, other beverages and more. 

    As CBD is fat soluble, it tends to absorb better with fat and becomes more bioavailable. Taking a CBD edible with fat can give you better effects for longer. You can eat your CBD edible in combination with a fat, like a CBD gummy with some nuts on the side. Alternatively, you can choose a CBD gummy that is already made with fat, such as CBD chocolate or a baked good. 

    Mother Earth Natural Health CBD Edibles

    Mother Earth Natural Health carries a wide variety of CBD edibles that will suit any taste preference. We also carry edibles with pure CBD isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD, to help you find the right relief. The CBD edibles that we carry can also be used for a variety of different things. Some edibles that we carry are formulated to help you sleep better, while others help to produce calming effects, can be used for exercise recovery, and some that are used as daytime edibles. Take a look at the different types that we carry:

    CBD Gummies

    We carry delicious CBD gummies from several different brands. You can find gummies at many different strengths, as well as the type of CBD used. Whether you need help sleeping, daily wellness, additional immune support, or exercise recovery, we have a gummy for you. 

    CBD Chocolate

    Don’t you love chocolate? Whether you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate, we have CBD chocolate for you. Our chocolate squares from Five CBD contain full spectrum CBD, while our chocolate from CBD Living contains pure CBD. We also have Gron chocolates with broad spectrum CBD, all available in both milk or dark chocolate. 

    CBD Candies and Honey

    Not everyone loves chocolate, and that’s ok. Our CBD Taffy from Tranquility Tea Company and hard candies from Farmhouse Hemp are a great alternative. Medterra CBD Gum is great for focus and in-between dose relief. Did we mention we also have CBD infused honey for your tea or toast? 

    CBD Beverages

    Have you ever thought of drinking your CBD? CBD beverages are a great way to consume CBD in a slow, mindful way. Or, chug it. Mother Earth Natural Health carries a wide array of beverage mixes and waters for you to enjoy. Tranquility Tea Company offers many different flavors of tea, as well as Rip City Roast Coffee. The Brothers Apothecary has many different delicious teas and drink powders that are infused with CBD and an excellent way to get in your self-care. We also carry these delicious waters from CBD Living. Their regular water contains electrolytes, is pH balanced, and is CBD infused, while their sparkling waters are flavored, contain B vitamins for energy, and have a subtle sweetness. The sparkling waters are a delicious alternative to an energy drink and come in five different flavors.

    Shop all of our delicious CBD edibles and beverages here, or at your favorite Mother Earth Natural Health store with The CBD Experts™.

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