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    5 Ways to Reduce Stress

    Date: 05-31-2022

    We have all been through a rough year, or a couple of years, there is no doubt about it. This pandemic has taken a toll on everyone from parents to kids, and just about everyone in between, including your pets. Whether you were an essential worker, worked from home, or didn’t work at all, you certainly gained stress over this last year, or even longer. The pandemic, the election, working or not working, money, not being able to live your normal life, and so many more factors have played a major role in how stressed we are as a country. 

    What is stress?

    Stress is what triggers our “fight or flight” response in our Central Nervous System, which can be good for short periods of time. When we experience high amounts of stress for extended periods, this type of stress can be detrimental to our health and cause so many problems. Some include difficulty sleeping, depression, headaches, irritability, and weakened immune system, and can even cause an increased risk for heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, and much more. Though you may be feeling like a kettle with hot water about to explode, there are many ways that you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels naturally. 

    What are ways to reduce my stress?

    Take a look at these 5 simple and natural ways to relieve stress, and try to start incorporating them into your daily life. Your stress will thank you.

    1. Exercise. Exercise is one of the most important things that you can do to help combat stress, anxiety and depression. Studies show that those who exercise have less anxiety than those who do not. Exercising regularly can reduce stress hormones in the body, and it can increase the release of endorphins, which are the chemicals that can improve your mood and even act as natural pain killers. Even just going out for a walk 30 minutes a day can be a great way to start feeling the benefits and relieving stress.

    2. Breathe. This may sound too easy, but focusing on your breath can be so helpful in relieving stress especially when you practice breathwork or different breathing techniques. Different breathing techniques have been shown to calm your body and brain in just a few minutes. You can even do this in a way that no one would even notice. All you need to do is inhale through your nose and count to 3, hold in your breath for 1 count, and release your breath slowly through your nose again. Repeat for 10 breaths, or even longer for better results. Try including a mantra in your breath. When breathing in, imagine that you are breathing in calm, happiness, and peace, and when you breathe out, imagine breathing out all the stress and tension. 

    3. Meditate. Meditation has been shown to not only promote short-term stress relief but can also help promote lasting stress management benefits. Being present and mindful are also benefits and results of meditation practice. Meditation can help to calm the mind, focus on breathing, increase mindfulness, and reduce stress. It does take practice, but the benefits come quickly, and it only takes 5-10 minutes a day. Try out a meditation class, an app, or videos to get you started. 

    4. Aromatherapy. There are so many wonderful benefits that stem from aromatherapy. It can help you feel more calm and relaxed, or even focused and motivated. There are many ways to experience the benefits of aromatherapy, including essential oils diffused into the air, in your shower or bath, lighting a calming candle, using lotion with essential oils, and other body products. Whichever way you choose, adding aromatherapy into your daily practice will be helpful. 

    Calming and relaxing oils include:

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    1. CBD and Adaptogens. Hemp oil and adaptogenic herbs can be very helpful in managing stress. Adaptogens, like Ashwagandha, can help our bodies adapt to stress by supporting adrenal glands that are responsible for producing and releasing stress hormones. CBD or hemp oil can also help reduce stress levels. The phytocannabinoids support the activity of the prefrontal cortex and amygdala and can promote a sense of calm. 

    Not only do we carry a very high-quality Ashwagandha supplement from NutriGold, but we also have a wide variety of CBD tinctures to choose from, as well as many other CBD products that can further promote stress management.

    With stress and anxiety so prevalent in today’s world, we have to do what we can to keep them down. Instead of medication or some quick remedy from the stores, try out some of these great tips and tools. Finding natural ways to help relieve your stress and anxiety will help you manage it better in the long run, instead of looking for a quick fix every time you find yourself stressed. Exercise, breathing, meditation, aromatherapy, and stress-relieving herbs are bound to be your next best friend!

    Mother Earth Natural Health & Stress Reduction

    At Mother Earth Natural Health there are so many different tools to help with stress reduction. While we aren’t a gym or yoga studio, we do carry over 375 different products that may help with stress management. The CBD Experts(™) at Mother Earth Natural Health can help you find the right products for you to help with stress management. Whether you are looking for aromatherapy, CBD, tools for self-care, or vitamins and supplements, Mother Earth Natural Health has exactly the right products to help. Shop in-store with The CBD Experts(™) or online at your own convenience.

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