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    Why Trust Mother Earth Natural Health?

    Date: 06-15-2022

    There are a lot of places to shop for your supplements, CBD, and self-care items. You can find them online, at your local grocery or health store, and your neighbor may even be selling CBD. So if everything is so widely available now, why trust Mother Earth Natural Health as my go-to shop for all these things? In this blog post, we will talk about the Trust Mother Earth Program, The CBD Experts™, and how Mother Earth Natural Health is your one-stop shop for natural health. 

    Trust Mother Earth Program

    Let’s talk about the Trust Mother Earth Program. In this program, we label our products with a Mother Earth Seal of Excellence. When one of the products is labeled with this green seal, it means that this product made the cut. Making the cut isn’t so easy, though. Only 5% of the products that we sample even make it to the sales floor. What are the other standards that must be met before reaching the sales floor?

    All of our products are rigorously tested before being added to our list. Each product must come from a reputable company that is hand-chosen by us and our owners. All products are 3rd party lab tested and go through continuous testing to maintain both company and industry standards. When a CBD product is 3rd party lab-tested, it means that the manufacturing company sends their products to an outside, unbiased company to ensure that what is on the label is actually inside the product.

    We also make sure that all of our products are sourced ethically and produced in the United States. All of the companies that we source products from use hemp that is grown in the United States. They also create their products in the United States, whether they are edibles, oils, or other CBD products. What’s better than supporting a company local to this country?

    As stated above, all of our products go through rigorous testing before being sold at our stores. All products are tested by the team before they ever reach our shelves to ensure their quality. They are tested for consistent potency, taste, and effectiveness. If you see a product on our shelves, you can bet that it was tested by some of The CBD Experts™ and meets our standards, and may even exceed industry standards. Since each product is tested and verified for consistency, you can also be confident in your purchase. All customer feedback is also taken seriously. If a product does not meet customer expectations from a quality standpoint, it will go through the previous verifications again or will be removed from our shelves. So, in order to work through the hundreds of products we are introduced to, we created the Trust Mother Earth program where each product must meet these five criteria: 

    1. Verified 3rd Party Lab Tests

    2. Verified Sourcing

    3. Verified Results

    4. Verified Consistency

    5. Customer Satisfaction

    When shopping at Mother Earth Natural Health, you can be confident in your purchase and trust The CBD Experts™ to help you find just what you need. Who are The CBD Experts™ and how do you know you can trust them? 

    The CBD Experts™

    The CBD Experts™ are here to help you find the right products to help you receive the most relief. The CBD Experts™ consist of our team in-store and behind the scenes and are diligently trained in all things CBD. They have a wide knowledge of all the products on our shelves, and they have continuing education for both new and current products. You can find The CBD Experts™ online or on the phone at 866-244-4223. If you aren’t ready to shop online and have more questions, The CBD Experts™ are in each of our four Michigan locations in the Metro Detroit area. We also ship to all states within the United States, so don’t be discouraged if you live in another state or area. At Mother Earth Natural Health, The CBD Experts™ will give you a superior one-on-one shopping experience like none other, where you will feel confident in your purchases. As The CBD Experts™, our mission is to create a warm, clean, and inviting customer experience rooted in quality, safety, and education. We are the strongest and most trusted brand for those in search of a world-class CBD provider. Mother Earth Natural Health also has all the things to help you feel your best, like a one-stop shop for natural health. 

    One-Stop Shop for Natural Health

    While Mother Earth Natural Health has Michigan’s largest selection of CBD products, we also carry a wide variety of other products to help you feel your best. Among our CBD products, you can find topicals, oil tinctures, delicious edibles, hemp flower, and CBD-infused drinks. We even carry CBD for your pets. Interested in learning more about CBD for your pets? Check out this blog post: CBD for Your Fur Baby. We also carry a wide variety of essential oils from both Plant Therapy and Monq. Along with essential oils, you can find natural home cleaning products like multi-surface spray, wool dryer balls, room and linen spray, fruit and veggie wash, and more. Our stores are decorated with beautiful Himalayan salt lamps of all shapes and sizes. We even carry Himalayan dry salt inhalers for allergies, and small Himalayan salt night lights. Find Himalayan salt plates for cooking and massage stones in our stores, too. Vitamins and supplements can be found online and in-store at Mother Earth Natural Health. Our vitamins and supplements from NutriGold are made with whole fruits and vegetables and are more bioavailable than a lot of the supplements you will find at the store. Some of our vitamins and supplements from The Brothers Apothecary contain CBD. Shop with The CBD Experts™ online and in-store to find the perfect products for you. Whether you are looking for daily health and wellness, CBD for relief, or products for self-care, Mother Earth Natural Health is a one-stop shop for all things natural health, where The CBD Experts™ can help you find just what you need.